Thursday, October 21, 7:30 p.m. - Bradley Theatre

Laura Pascoe and Angie Prinsen
Creating an innovative workplace can be as simple as having a growth mindset. Four simple steps will get you on the path of embracing a growth mindset and increasing innovation..

Christina Singh
Innovation and problem solving often happen in ways that unintentionally produces injustice. There are examples of this everywhere, including in the planting of free trees in a Detroit neighborhood. Singh explores the use of design thinking to diagnose and combat inequities. .

Emily Rendall-Araujo
Society teaches us to preserve our youth at all costs. But we may have even better chances to achieve goals as a senior. This talk will leave you eager to get old..

Ben Leibham
Sustainability is here to stay. Sustainable design can seem like an expensive venture for businesses, but it certainly doesn't have to be. This talk dives into ways sustainable design practices can make financial sense for businesses and benefit their customers and employees..

Nick O'Brien
We tend to credit chance for the lucky moments in our lives, leaving us to believe that serendipity is an occurrence that is beyond our control. While there are uncontrollable factors involved in the luck we experience, this talk will explain the simple process of applying intention, awareness and preparation that can actually give us more power than we think we have when it comes to creating more luck and serendipity in our lives. .

Shashank Varma
Good innovation = great problem definition. To innovate rapidly, reliably and efficiently, define your problem and design your constraints. .

Zach Zellner
Through the use of the “Stages of Change,” we take control of personal innovation in our lives..

Deidre Martinez
Adversity increases innovative opportunity by helping us overcome obstacles, think critically, hunger for more and use anger as a catalyst. .

Paul Bartelt
The virtuous cycle fosters innovation, creates permission to fail and creates acceptance for higher level of risk which allows, investigates, explores aspects of life. .